Monday, May 07, 2007

Fun With Batman

Phew. I'm done with photo posts for awhile. Let's get back to what really matters: hilarious Batman panels.

This panel just gets funnier and funnier the more I look at it:

Batman takes time to do the little things:

Wait. That's the clock in the Batmobile?! It's a dial clock!

In case what you're wondering what Rule Number One is for Batman:

1. Don't daydream while driving the Batmobile, causing yourself to be nearly wrapped around a pole.

2. Don't talk about being Batman.

3. Avenge parents.

Alright, get ready to cry:

Doctor?! Doctor of what?! That does not look like proper medical treatment.

Man, I like to think that, even if he saw his parents again, Batman wouldn't call them Mommy and Daddy. His parents look a little horrified by it.

Ooo! Heroes is on in an hour! I hope this is one where those Petrelli brothers finally just give in and make out with each other.


Phranklin said...

Lady, you are one funny chick. I really like your blog here. You have been booked marked near the top of my list.

I didn't know you Canucks were so funny!

Captain Infinity said...

Who would have thought Batman would let Peter Boyle slap him around like that.

Jan said...

I just gotta say, your blog is wicked funny. I've been reading through it over the past couple days since a friend recommended it, and it just gets better and better.

Keep it up!

Engage said...

Awesome blog.

Is it just me or is he taking the clothes that the "doctor" was wearing and juxtaposing it onto his father. I wish that guy had put on his favourite chefs hat or something before he checked up on Batman.

Baal said...

OMFG! I wish I had read this before watching Heroes 'cause that Petrelli Brothers line would have had me enjoying the ep even more than I did.

Anthony said...

Hey Rachelle,

Just wanted to know your blog always ends up cracking me up at work. Thank God for your sense of humor!


SallyP said...

You know in that first panel, that Bats is just dying to punch out another wolf. It's almost become a fetish for Gawd's sake!

And Batman has a dial clock in the Batmobile, because those fershlugginer digital things are too damn hard to program! I also assume that he has to ask Tim to help him with the Batcomputer for the same reason.

FoldedSoup said...

Wouldn't making sure all the clocks are properly set be the job of... oh, I dunno... a Butler?!?

ummm... Wolf... tasty, tasty wolf...